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Hey ya’ll. What’s up? Well I’ve been so busy this week, you can only imagine. I got a call from Katherine about recommendations, but I didn’t do it. Oops. I think I’ll do it Monday. Anyways, Erin had an recital I wanted to go, but I had to stay home to watch the kids while mom was away. >__< I think a girl in my Spanish 3 class gave it to me b/c she came to school with it one day.

Life's being more difficult again. I still have scholarships and colleges to do, but then I have to order the cap and gown for graduation. I have an SAT coming up in November, an ACT I have to sign up for….for December, Prom to think about, AP tests coming in early May (3 this year for me)…..

Then mom talkes to me about….about her having to get surgery. The night before, she had scared me because she had gone into my room, kissed me on the cheek, and said "I love you." It bothered me. What she told me is that the surgery costs $2 000, and its so they can shrink her stomach so she won't gain a lot of weight. You see, mom has diabetes and it runs through both sides of my family, so I might get it soon too. Well, the doctors said that a lot of her is HIGH like blood sugar, and it all won't go down. Its not mom's fault. She eats healthy and all. But….but….

Then she said she has to get it NOW because she's afraid she won't live lone enough to…to see her grandchildren or see Kathryn/1 and Daniel/3 in high school. I wanted to cry b/c I could lose my mother, but I didn't. I could've, but I didn't. And now, I'm crying.

Crying my tears away.



So, what am I doing? I’m on the internet chatting, being an internet-whore. What am I supposed to be doing? Sleeping. F- homework. lol.


Currently Reading
D-N-Angel, Vol. 1
By Yukiru Sugisaki, Alethea Nibley, Athena Nibley, Sarah Dyer

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So, there’s my art page and stuff. LOL. Not that its much different from here. If you checked the journal, one of the entries (the last one) is the same as here. I don’t care. I surf around alot. I have a account, but I don’t use it when I should.

Reading DNAngel 1 & 2, Reading “Cirque Du Freake:Lake of Souls” (Book 10)<–READ THIS SERIES PEOPLE IF YOU'RE INTO VAMPIRES/HORROR. IT'S AWESOME!

Where's my Kevin?!?! T_T

So, the last two days of school have sucked into boredness. ah! I have a test soon, and someone gag me. We have a trip for AP Environmental Science Thurday which conflicts with me applying for a UC campus (help thingy.) I don't know jack shiitake.


Currently Reading
Magic Knight: Rayearth I, Book 1
By Clamp

So…have’t been in in a while. Been busy, no duh. I have things to do, but right now, I’m concerned that if I give out private info, other people will see it since I’m not sure exactly what kind of connection I’m on. Mom recently got a laptop, so that’s why I’m on. *shrugs*

I woke up early to watch Tokyo Mew Mew, Winx Club, and One Piece. I should do my HW next, but I’m too lazy. I have APES, Cal, and I think that’s it. It seems weird for some reason.

I wrote to my Kevin not too long ago. Now, I’m worried. he hasn’t replied and it was a long e-mail. What happened to my Ryo?

Tomorrow’s an A, so its AP Gov, Film/Video, and English for me. Yay.

I have to start drawing more if I want to make a Port. for college. Sad, I know.

“DESECRATION”, “Tenshi Hoshi”, WRC:Serpent in Darkness, “Angelos Theastos” are all on hiatus for a while. Should restart soon though.

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