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3 Hours Until I Leave Home

Seppen Contest Vote as of 12:09 PM Today

Entry 1 – 5 Votes
Entry 2 – 0 Votes
Entry 3 – 1 Vote
Entry 4 – 3 Votes
Entry 5 – 3 Votes
Entry 6 – 1 Vote
Entry 7 – 5 Votes

*I’m at a tie with Entry 1

Ok, so I get up at 9:30, eat, and check my phone. I have one of two texts with my friends. She changed the time to meet at her house from 5:00 PM to 3:30 PM. Eep. So, I take a shower, fix my face and skin, and put on my dress. ( ._.) I lost inches. My prom dress that was perfect two weeks ago, doesn’t fit me. Double eep. Like oh-shiitake eep.

I’m waiting for my mom to finish fixing my dress, and I’ll wait to put on my make-up til 2:30 because I don’t want it to look like major shiitake for the prom. Have to go my friend’s house, get pictures there, ride with friends to the prom, take more pictures, dance (or whtever people do at Proms these days), eat, and then I’ll get home early morning. Er…must remember to take my pills. =\

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ID Contest at the Y-Gallery

I’m so sad about this image. I coulda made it better, but I had not enough time. T.T It came out like crap, so it’s a v2. They are voting right now at the y-gallery for the best ID out of 7 entries. I don’t even want to look at what people choose….it’ll depress me more. =_=

Anways, I was away from my comp from 1:00 PM to 7:30 PM, so I wasn’t able to finish v1. I got my hair streaked blonde and red for the prom tomorrow. =\

Day Before Prom >.>

Yeah, I stayed home today too. There was no point in going if mom was going to pick me up early anyways. Oh well. It’s not like we’re doing much but studying for the AP tests. *sighs* I hate school so much, its not even funny. And then, I have college in the fall. I KNOW i’ll HAVE to go, but I’ll hate it. So much schooling, it not even funny. Naw well. Ok, I got down all of WRC Book I that I could from my site. I’m shutting that down…and making another if I can find a better host. Y_Y

All I have to do before Prom: Do my hair (dyeing it). =D yay.

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Friends Only

This journal will be closed to the public due to its maturity, copyrighted material, and sheer stupidness. =D Wanna see my drawings and all that goodness? Ask me by commenting ;D DON’T JUST ADD ME! kthanx.


What they don’t know and I said

I never wrote this down, but…last week there was a big fight in my house between my mom and me. I never used to until about Junior year. She says all this crap about what I should do, but doesn’t understand what I’d been doing. She wanted me to get a job. Yes, I should, but NOT when I have three college-like courses that ask for my full attention most days. Sheesh. She told me that I couldn’t get on the computer, she wouldn’t offer me rides to school (can’t drive yet), that all the technology stuff was to be taken out of my room, that I could have NO door for privacy, AND I couldn’t go to prom. I asked-yelled “SO, DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE?!?! IS THAT IT?!?!” Se said, no. I packed all my stuff, called friends, and when I get a ride, she wouldn’t let me out of the house. I yelled at her, and she told me to go to her room (with my dad, okay) and that we needed to talk.

We did talk. And it ended in crying. I ended up saying how much I was messed up with cutting myself to make me bleed, how much I wanted them to proud of me for the grades I keep high and my art. Then….I also ended up saying WHY I didn’t like people to touch me. When I was a kid, my brothers and I stayed at the babysitter’s house. There was a man there, and that man….touched me. For years and even now, I’m wary of people touching me, even friends.

That made her cry. I asked if she was angry because she was silent. She said no, just that she felt she was a bad mother, that she wasn’t there for me. She asked why I never told her. I said, I don’t know.

And I really didn’t. I had all these worries for them….all these “dark” things in me, she didn’t know about any of it. But it felt good to finally let other people know, especially them.

Last week, we went to the circus in town too. It was okay. I mean, I got the junk food I wanted XD I loved the dancers and the tigers, especially the white tiger *-* ZOMG…

Then on Saturday, we went to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo for Breakfast with the Animals. n_n;; Well, I got milk…. lol. After breafast, we saw the bird show, which fascinated Kathryn for a while from er major brat-ness. >__< ZOMG…didn't shave). All I need is my hair done for the prom now, since I have the dress, shoes, corset, earrings, purse, and underclothing :blush: <— Take it =D

· Which FF Character Are You?

·Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word–
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