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wah…who’s that?

XD It’s me. Click:



A Horrendous Week

Last Week:
1) SBC Yahoo suspended my internet for a whole week and then some
2) I had to shop *shudders like a leaf* for NICE clothes for the Seniors Honors Assembly and Graduation Night
3) I had to make up a gazillion things for Spanish 3 and Government/Econ
4) I got detention for the first time in my HS life
5) Had to complete 3 Finals in one day

I feel like sh*t. I haven’t finished my Econ project of all my expenses with my friends on a cruise to Thailand…or the study guides, so ‘m screwed 5 ways to hell.

I missed talking to Lizer *sigh*

Gah…and I have a lot of messages to check *dies* Sorry if I see it a week later =_=;;

AND I began to write for SerapheX again ^^ I lost my spark for a sec there.


Gwah . . .

I got sick again. So, I stayed home yesterday and today. I’ll miss Thursday from school and tomorrow morning. =\ It wasn’t me…altho I am glad XD

I’m addicted to Loveless now. ^^;;;


A Miracle!


Totoro’s Friend says:
Takeru says:
Hey I gtg. Mom said off
<==Macabre=Prince==[o)—<(-_-<) says:
bye bye
Takeru says:
Love you gyus!

He hasn't said that to me for a long, long time.

National Prayer Day

I’m going to take one long prayer, tonight. I haven’t prayed for a long time. How very sad.

Oi vey….

Ok, so, I left the house at 3:15 to go to my friend’s house. We took ALOT of pics (well, the parents did >.> ) and then we left. First, we went to the convention in Visalia to get the pictures done before the Prom. Man, I’m so going to hate those…then we went to Borders. Kwee! I bought Legal Drug, D.Grey Man, and Obsidian Butterfly. We ate Subway (whch sounds good now) and left back to the convention. My feet were so killing me, so I switched to slippers since I knew that I’d be dancing (and proly hurt myself if I tripped.)

I’m glad that I chose my date =D He stck with me and didn’t ditch me. No, he’s not my b/f…he’s a vry good friend, and even if he looks like a nerd, he is way cool and hot to me. XD

The Prom ended at 11:30. We drove back to Tulare to eat at Denny’s. Then I went to my friend’s house to wait for mom to pick me up. I finally dropped off like a log on my bed at 2:00 in the morning on Sunday.

Monday-didn’t go to school. My feet were still killing me

Tuesday-Hell. Major Hell. The practice tests and reviews are pissing me off

Wednesday (today)- OMFGosh…a four hour AP Exam, and my worst f-ing subject. =_= I KNOW I did horrible and I put all I had and knew into it. Well, it don’t matter much since I needed Stats, not Calculus. I wish someone woulda told me soon. I woulda taken Stats, or better yet, AP Art History. >o Pisses me off that I wasted my time in this class.

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