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Been Away…

I’m so sorry about my late replies…and not being on for two weeks. I have…been having problems…. Last week was full of tragedies and this week has been about cleaning House cus I think we are moving….not sure. Anyways, I’ll be gone for some more days (maybe another week) Please forgive me!


Senior to Freshmen

Hn….I graduated from High School the 8th:

I woke up, and asked mom to take me to school (cus I didn’t want to take the bus). At 8:00 we had to practice for the ceremoney. I was bored and started to sweat the issue of: How will I walk in this grass with my shoes? So bored and hot.

Then we had the Senior Breakfast at the Heritage Complex, which is right near the World Agriculture Center (kinda funny that I live neat this place where people from the entire globe like Japan or China come to discuss Ag. :\ ) It was okay. I loved the pineapple XD And man was the Senior Slide Show totally f*cked. About half the slide was….CHEERLEADERS….and it was like 15 minutes worth, believe me.

Okay, like 10 minutes before were were getting to leave, I call my mom, so that I wouldn’t be like one of the last people to leave. Did that happen? Hell no. I waited 20-25 minutes! Still the one of the last ones to leave.

After that, I get my nails and toenails done. And my nails still hurt D:

Mom then decides to make a payment (and shop) at Mervyns. I waited in the car (in the heat) 30 minutes, needing to go the bathroom. When she doesn’t find shoes for Kathryn, she goes to Payless. I get the hell out and go to KMart to blow some money. *-* Vampire Books and Fruit Basket….

So, after I get home, I get ready, take a few pics, leave the house again, and arrive at school at 7:00 PM, so that mom can et my grandparents because he’s practically blind from an eye surgery that went bad.

The Graduation ceremony started at 8:00 PM….my family wasn’t there. So bored. Bri’s speech was okay. Carlos’ speech started out depressing, but fun at the end. Nicole….I seriously think that cheerleader-with-too-bleached hair-and-not-a-lot-of-brains had ALOT of help on that speech she did. >o Then principal….OMFGawd…..long speech “This TU class of 2006…blah blah….most considered valuable class….blah blah….champions of the long list of sports….blah blah…kept brining up the highest API scores…and so on and so forth. When he starts naming students who got top scores on the STAR testing that were eligible for a gold seal on their diploma…and he called MY name, I was all “WTF?! Really? What the hell is that?”

After the ceremony, I hugged my friends, greeted my family, and long-lost friends, not to mention to best friend….went to get my diploma with the supplement, and left there. If I saw so many people cry, I’d cry. No F-ing way >o

The Sober Graduation Party on the 9th AFTER TW’s Graduation:

Well, before that…I hung out with my friend, Kryss…….and drooled over her library of Vampire books *-*

The Party started at 10:00 PM. So boring 1/2 the times. Didn’t go do the big bounces, or paintballing, or gambling, but I did swim and dance. XD Read too…and I won a digital camera. By the time it ended at 5:00 AM, I was burning out…falling asleep. I got home, growled at my brother (literally) to get off my bed, and fell immediately to sleep. ^_^

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