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So, I think my parent’s got fed up enough that we were hogging he laptop. They bought their own >_> A little mini one that pissed me off alot when they called me to start it all up.

Hey, I watched the 1st movie of Naruto early this morning ^_^ Good one. I wanna see Bleach XD

Oh, and I found out I have a high cholesterol o_o;; So I have to watch myself. Sux.


T_T *happy tears*

^_^ Yes, I’m so happy. My parents disconnected the phone line…THE EFFING SLOW LINE…and bought the little wireless box for us, so it’s WAY faster than modem. =) >_< *downloads music and yaoi like crazy* ^^ I'm sorry, I'm enthusiastic.

Owah! WTF!? Nuuuuu!!!

I started watching Bleach again, well…my brother’s been wanting to finish the “Save Rukia” arc, so I was there. So, obligingly, I let him watch it, but I wanted to stop at 64 …the rest would piss me off that it stops so soon XD

And i did get pissified when…well, not gonna say then for those who haven’t seen Bleach o_o;;

Now, it’s onto Ouran High School Host Club *-* and more yaoi, lol


Hn, my mom got tired of her old job. So, she took a medical leave…like I said. I found out about a week ago that…she’s going back to school…for cosmetology, which she had a license for in Texas, but not California. I happy for her…really, but that would conflict with me, since I’m a full time student at college. What the heck, right? Naw. I think I should quickly find a job, learn to drive, and move out. It’s not that I don’t want to be there, but I don’t want to be a burden. *sigh*


I am honored that “Do You Dream of Me?” was sketch of the week in Sketch Book Club. I always wanted to complete that picture to a final….I mean, it’s somewhat outlined on this computer, but I haven’t completed it’s final coloring.

Anyways, I ended up getting a physical today o////O;; I hate them. Then I had to get 2 shots on my left arm, a prick on my finger, and a blood test, which was for cholestrol(sp?) and glucose levels.

I also have seen Click, Superman, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest last week. Click was funny as hell. XD I <3 PotC, but the end made me mad…just like the Matrix. Superman was…eh…okay….not as great as people made it seem. =)

And ZOMG! If you have time, watch this: FFVII: Advent Children Parody

It’s True

…..That I am moving. Mhm. To the house across the street that is bigger. Kwee!

I finally got all 400+ submissions down, and it wasn’t easy >.>

My mom has left her job for a month….on medical leave due to stress and depression. I’m kinda happy because she called me once in the morning, scaring me to death when she couldn’t remember how she drove to wherever she was at. She gets bad and good days.

Good for her, eh? Bad for me. She seems happy but I was tired…been tired. I’ve been sick with bronchitis. Ick. So, the medicine has been making me drowsy. I was dead for a whole day and missed the part in Medal of Honor where the guy was naked D:

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