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Ok, literally, I am probably very sick. Meaning, I’m bleeding internally. I am breaking out again on my arms. All this might be related to stress since I started school. I dunno. I have an appointment Friday to check what’s wrong with me, and if I might have . . . ulcers.

My dad is gone. He’s gone to El Salvador for a week, and will come back with my grandfather. What’s that mean? A house make over. >_< Nu!

So, yeah, started school last Monday. It is hell because I get up SOOOOOO early. No, i don't live in a dorm. I have about 2 years left until I move out and away to pursue a career in art. =)

I lost a friend recently. Made me pissed and sad, but I found out how much closer I was to Shane than Hunter. Shane . . . ha ha, my Drag-Queen Gaian girlfriend. He's really cool.

I wanna talk to Lizer and Snowe. D: Dammit…I hate you school. lol.



Yeah, so mom and Steve, my brother left to Mexico today and they won’t be coming back for at least 2 weeks. I will miss my mommy! *cries* T_T I never been away from her much, so is this how college will feel like when I go away? Minus watching the kids and cooking for 5 people…

I didn’t say bye to her and that I love her and that I hope God watches over her. I was out with my best friend, Ash, to pay for 6 books that costed $300+ X__X What a heart sore, I know. T__T There goes my money for anime and manga. Cus I actually SAW yaoi at Borders (it was never there before) *drools* I wanted Yellow 1 but it was not there, and I’m still waiting for Loveless 3.

I ate Chocolate Pocky after that at meh friend’s house. Played Soul Calibur 2 (she’s a cheat . . . whahahaha!!!) So, I just barely got home and it’s back to life. T_T Bills to pay, colleges to look at after 2 years here, and . . .

Art Portfolios. I need to start doing mine NOW and being serious with my art. Meaning, I need to put more time and effort. Kusokusokusokuso. Shitshitshitshit.


You know, I feel that the y-gallery is friendlier than deviantART but some of the shit people so when their an adult and KNOW what would happen…yeah…pisses me off.

On the other hand, teenagers who are NOT 18 and are on an adult site..yeah, you’re stupid and ARE gonna get caught sooner or later. Don’t do the fuckin things! What kind of dumbasses are you?

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