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*slumps to death*

I’m sick of everything right now. Ok, not sick per se. Tired. ._. One of these days I’ll fall on my face, roll down a hill, and drown when I sleep in a puddle. *rubs eyes* And if I try to fall asleep, I know I’ll have to get up for something or another. The reason I went to the fair yesterday because I knew I would not be going out this weekend, and today, we’ll have to clean for this weekend. FINALLY, I think, my grandfather is coming to our house from El Salvador. I haven’t seen him in a few years, but I think he was kind of sad since my grandmother passed away earlier this year. *sigh*


Dust Winds and The Fair

Ok, so, ever since I got out of my Stats class, which was about 3 pm, its been crazy-windy. When we left the house to go to the fair, the sun was mostly blocked out, dust everywhere, damn close to the way our fog looks.

Anyways, I’m so happy right now. Today, like I mentioned, I went to my town fair which happens every year about this time. No, I don’t usually go, but this year, I felt free, becoming an adult and all, so I changed my tradition. Didn’t get there until about 6 PM because my last class finished at 4, it takes 30 minutes to get home, I had to change, and I had to eat.

My friend, B, and I have been planning to meet for a few days for this. She’s in HS, and I’m not, so its been a while since we last saw eachother. Man, it was totally great. I was fine that my brother had to hang around us since it is a school night and there wasn’t that many people there.

I tried as many effing rides as I could. The first made me so nauteous, I had to sit a while and go through the Monster house or the Haunted Mansion just to give my stomach some time. Those were corny, I know. =_=; Not so scary anymore.

AND, carnies are some mean cons >O They trick you. I had NEVER gone to the fair as the eldest, so I had no clue. My friend lost most of her money thanks to them. SAY NO! Always say no to Carnies!! D:

Anyways, the rest of the rides were terrifying-laughing-crying-crazy rides. Seriously. ._.; They gave me a bit of a fright because I was like . . . upside-down on one or twirling in circles on another or out of my seat, in air on another. Then I was laughing at myself for being a wuss. XD

So, we had to break at 10 at night because we had school. Oh, and I bought some things *-* 3 pictures, a dragon-crystal block, and leapard stuffed animal. Kwee!


Poor Kali. Mom says it’s gonna be about 5-7 weeks more till the kitties are weaned. I was like O_O “Mom, I don’t think she’ll survive. Those cats are getting too big for her now and it’s been like a week. There’s 5!” Geez. =_=



I’m not going to name any names or anything, but for a few days something has been bothering me.

I like to be kind to people. I really do. I mean, I help out when I can. If people on Gaia need gold, I’ll offer what little I have. If people are in need are reviewers, I’ll try my best and give up some of my time to read their entire story. Yada yada yada, you get the point.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had low self esteem because of how the other kids viewed me. I was called names that made me cry, even by my own family. So, I got used to not being in the center of attention, and not interacting much with my peers. It was okay, I was fine.

High School came (and went) and I stopped caring what people thought of me on the outside, but I decided I was going to be kind as much as I could, and be fair, even though life isn’t fair. I try to be.

By nature, I am shy. But there will be times I have to be straightforward and truthful. I noticed, when I did this, its never good. I get yelled at, I get hurt again. Why? People turn away from me.

Anyways, there’s this member . . . and I admire him alot. So, I tell him truth a couple of times. In his journal, he never replies to me. Everyone else gets a reply, but me. I can’t help think, he doesn’t like me. That hurts. I don’t like to be not liked. Yeah, sounds like I’m saying, “PAY ME SOME EFFING ATTENTION!” but that just bothers me. If he doesn’t like me, he could at least say it to my face and not dance around me. Its enough to make me stay off the y-gallery for week cus it just makes me so depressed.

Grandma is Me =O

Seriously. No, I’m not older than 18 >_> My cat had kitties today. I missed the first two births today, but I helped her along with the last 3. It was so unbelievable. I mean, I was gross in some parts (OMG…ew) but it was just amazing 5 came out. My parents had been guessing 3 for a while, I said 4 because she had bulges to the sides of her, and if there are bulges, wouldn’t there have to be something in the middle pushing it out? So, that’s why I said 4. Wasn’t expecting 5. =|

I didn’t name 3 but 2 of them I did. The 3rd one that came out, I named because it looked simliar to the second one. I wanted to remember which one came out first. I name it/him/her Leon(a) because they have a patch of blonde fur around their neck like a lion. The 4th one that came out was all black, the only one, but he/she had white fur around the eyes. We named that Gremlin. XD OMG…I can’t stop looking at the poor kitty’s face because its so weird. lol.

So in order, it was a grey one, followed by the two twin calicos (cus they look the same), then the black one, and finally the all-blonde one.

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