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Movies and Sickness

Seen Eragon. Very disappointing, for starters. Followed most of the book until the end. AND WTF?!?! No elves and dwarves?!?! No scar from Durza?!?!? Saphira the one close to dying?!?!? Yeah . . . no.

I haven’t been feeling so well lately. Right now, I have a headache which I also had yesterday. And the left side of my face is furking KILLING ME. My wisdom tooth is coming out on that side, so I also get this pulse in my left ear that hurts. D:<


It Just . . . Can’t Be True

What do you do when the friend closest to you will have her heart shatter? What do you do when a friend finds out that he is dying? What do you do if those two love eachother? What do you . . . do? What can you do when you are breaking and crying inside as well? What . . . can you do?

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