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Lo and Behold

Hey. I have returned. Ah, not for the good-good, but for a bit. So I finished up school Thursday and not returning until about the middle of August, I believe. The grade went like this:

English 1: A
Color and Design: B
Digital Imaging for Artists: A

The Color and Design was a B because I missed more classes than I was supposed to *sweatdrop* so it started lowering my grade down….aheheheheheheh… >_>;;

My Granddaughter-kitty gave birth to 5 kittens, 4 of which were gray and the last one was black. I don’t know which ones cames first or last because we hadn’t known she’d given birth. >_>;; We looked for her in the afternoon (Kaoru, who had a twin named Hikaru [yes, from Ouran Koukou HC] that was killed in an accident) and couldn’t find her. When she came out, she was thinner and figured she FINALLY gave birth. The problem was we didn’t know where the hell she had them. So we followed her for a while, and apparently she had them in my parent’s closet, way in the back of it (because its kind of a walk in closet). ~_~;; She didn’t like that we moved her and them….she kept trying to take them back, which is kind of funny….because my daughter-cat (Cali) didn’t mind not being in privacy ^^;; She….LURVES mejj =D


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