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Virus Shield….no good?

So, yeah, I used the recover disc for my laptop. Yep, all fine…lost everything I had, but I back most of it on discs when I could.

=\ A new problem arrives. Its the virus detector thing…yeah, started slowing down my computer. I restarted a couple of times. Nope, didn’t stop. My brother and dad went to Circuit City to ask a technician there. He said to delete the Virus scan thingy….A good idea? Well, considering that I lost the disc for the internet to work on that computer, I’d say there won’t be a virus or whatever for a while.

Um…so…if your computer is recovered again…like the first time you got it, would there still be the worms, viruses, etc still in there? I am not good with that stuff…just understanding how to work in a program…=|


MY LAPTOP!!! ::sobs::

So, because we never had the stupid disc, we couldn’t fix the effing computer ourselves. We gave it to someone to fix for us….but when it came back, the screen resolution wouldn’t go ask big as the screen for the laptop NEEDS it AND its in SPANISH. WTFOMFGBBQ?!?!?! As much as I don’t mind Spanish, I want my computer in English and I want the screen back to normal Dx I wanna bawl now…I don’t usually bawl, but I wanna start bawling now!!!

Awake-y Time

Blah, I’ve been waking up pretty early lately. Getting used to it? Probably. I don’t know. I’ll sleep early, say like 8PM or something, but suddenly I find myself awake at midnight or so. Whatever. So, I’m here, online, as much as I can be because the connection is pretty slow around here. Never did buy our own connection…money problems? Yeah, can’t even pay for my tuition for college. Oh, yeah, talking to my dear friend, mforcer too. I love him very much. He and I talk about a lot when we catch eachother…it can be silly or it can be serious, it depends. And he doesn’t shy from what I have to say when I get pretty morose or something. I like that about him. I am sometimes very afraid to say what I need to because I am bothered by it.

Car Accident

Well, no one really got hurt, but it could have been worse.

So, I am driving home with two kids in the back, and as I am turning into the road that leads into our house (which is a dirt road with some rocks) I lost control of the Expedition because it started sliding the wrong way. I was so freaked out, panicked by it, that either I hit the accelerator by accident or turned the wheel too much or did both that it caused me to drive into a big pile of dirt. I didn’t hit a pole, and thank goodness for that because I could have been injured pretty badly. The Expedition itself suffered on the front-bottom, but other than that everything was mostly ok. I still had my seat belt on, as well as the kids in the back, Daniel and Katharyn. My dad ran up, though, and yelled something at me. For the life of me, I can’t remember what he said because I was so shocked, but I did remember my reply was kind of calm for something like this.

dA and their Minor Policies…

KIRIHITO wrote in a comment about one of his Riku pics:
“In case you’re ready to complain about the filter, Riku isn’t wearing a shirt, and last I checked it should be mature tagged because of that.
Riku’s a minor. It’s happened once. Not too fond of having it happen again.”

I was curious about that. I mean, Riku is NOT a real person, nor is he based on a real person, much less a minor. So I started looking up the terms of devianART because I didn’t think anime-based drawings apply as ‘child porn.’ Most of my characters are in the 16-20ish range and never once thought it was shota. (Shota, to me, would seem more like younger boys -like 13 and down- who don’t know much about the “big” world.)

So, we come to the dA Minor Policy:
“1. Minors depicted without clothing, front view, back view, or side view, with genitalia and/or breasts visible or not.

2. Minors depicted in under garments or lingerie.

3. Minors depicted in an S&M or ‘Bondage’ situation.

4. Minors depicted in a sexual or ‘alluring’ pose (dressed or undressed).

5. Minors in the possession of ‘adult’ sexual toys.

6. No use of: transparent clothes, blurring of nude areas, or the use of “blots” or “Censored” wording or props to cover areas that are otherwise not clothed.

7. Gender that is questionable on an image with an exposed chest will be removed from the gallery at the discretion of the reviewing administrator

8. No Child Nudity: Images of children or characters resembling children (including teens, pre adolescent, child like fairies and other imaginary figures) resembling, or stongly resembling, under 18 years of age displayed in erotic, seductive, provocative poses or context.

9. No depictions of fictional young humanoid characters/children giving the appearance of being under the age of 18 displayed in erotic, seductive, provocative poses or context.

10. Since age is difficult to identify with 3D modeled images and certain art styles (such as Anime), this will be at the discretion of the reviewing administrator.”

I can understand 2, 3, 4, 5, 8(RL only) but some of the others are questionable to me. When I was younger, more ‘ignorant’ I used to show off my art to forums with characters at 16 and 17 half naked and maybe with a “sexy” pose (it wasn’t like ‘takemenow’ or anything), but nobody was offended, said “OMG!1!!! EWIE!!!!1!!2!3!! Sh0tA!! *backs away slowly den runs*” =|

Is it just deviantART that so strict or is the rest of the world like that?

Summer Blues

Blah, I am sick, bored, and tired. =( None of which go away so quickly for me. One week out of school and already I am starting to regretging WANTING to go on vacation in the first place. At least when I was in school, I could stay busy doing an assignment, if nothing is pushing me, then I won’t do anything at all. Argh! That is the bad thing about me.

Well, anyways, I been meaning to start writing up in “Be Still My Black Heart” or writing more of “SerapheX”. Blah, can’t find the energy to do either of them or any of my other stories I been thinking about working on it over the summer while I have time. I could even just DRAW something. Oh well. Ash, my BFF, asked me if I wanna hang out at her place, but sadly, I declined >.< gosh, what an idiot I am, BUT i know, if I do, I have to clean the effing house and it never ever stays clean no matter what anyone tries to do. So frustrating! Ah, what to do, what to do…

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