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D: In about an hour I have to go to a party for my best friend, Ash. I think I already explained that she was going…but I still find it sad thinking about it. >.< We got her a whole bunch of stuff for her :) Hope she’ll do okay over there.

Note to self: Finish watching Ash’s Ronin Warriors DVDs and return them.

Mommy Dearest

I am sooo….pissed at her. Ok, she told me that she wanted me to wash the clothes. Ok, started to do that, but when she checks on me, she says, “Shouldn’t you wash the kids clothes first? They have to go to school.” I am thinking, “All together? Ok…” and then later when she comes back, she yells at me, starts taking out the kids light clothes, says, “You are the laziest..No wonder the kids’ clothes turn out like shit…” yada yada because right there I was pissed at her. IF SHE WOULDN’T HAVE SAID ANYTHING THE FUCKING COLOR CLOTHES WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THERE INCLUDING THE FUCKING KID’S CLOTHES. I told her that, not in those words, but like “If you wouldn’t have said anything…” D:< Gawd, I am not stupid. Then she has the nerve to tell me to leave her clothes alone, she’ll do it herself. ARGH! Well then see if I ever do anything else. AND FOR HER INFORMATION, I can cook, but I choose NOT to do it and act like I don’t know anything or don’t remember. I can remember things, I can listen to things, it just matters if I WANT to listen or not.

UC Santa Barbara and Harry Potter

I went with my best friend, Star, and her aunt to Santa Barbara yesterday. Took about 4 hours to get there when it was actually supposed to take like 3…we kind of didn’t know where everything was. You see, this was where Star was moving to go to Uni for a couple of years. She was already done getting her Associates here, so she was transferring. Hopefully, I could get time in the next couple of years to visit her….or not time, just….have the guts to do it. Big cities makes me nervous, but SB wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be considering it was nearing Los Angeles. I’ve lived and been in the bad parts of L.A. and SB wasn’t bad.

Anyway, I was just accompanying Star because she had to go sign some papers for her apartment. She has a  small room with 3 other roomates, pays 600 a month, has a gym, has a pool area, and gets free internet access. Well, shit, I am so effing jealous.

After we were done with that, we just walked around the town near the university and the school campus itself. I gotta say, its very, very nice. I may want to go there simply because it has nice weather. I am tired of central valley weather….its so…hot.

I’ve been thinking….for a while, if I should move out of my house…from my siblings and parents. Star’s mom was strongly suggesting I move in with her or visit her a lot since Star will be gone for a while…a long one. I…don’t know what I am gonna do. I have no job. I am going to college. I don’t know how to drive…yet. I effing suck like hell. *sigh* You see, its not that I don’t want to…its just that I think I should. My parents are adopting another child in a few months, which would increase my number of siblings to 5 – 4 brothers and 1 sister. It’s a 3 room, 2 bathroom house we live in….how in the hell we all manage, I don’t really know, but it would be 8 people in the house….9 if my uncle hadn’t gotten arrested. I am confused about what I should do with myself.

Mm…saw the 5th Harry Potter movie today with my brother. It was good. I mean, I wasn’t as disappointed at this movie as I was at Eragon and the 4th HP movie. I even cried again on that one part with Sirius just like in the book. AND they did follow the book, I am glad. I am not gonna get the 7th book tho. Hey, if I am struggling to pay for college and my bank account, how can I buy anything else for myself. Going to the movies was because I am tired of doing nothing at my house. I also got invited by Star to go with her and Z, my other friend to go to Borders for the Yule Ball and cosplay. Yeah…no. First, I don’t cosplay, although I wish I could; Second, I just don’t have anything to wear to it; and third, I think I would just be sad seeing everyone else there for the book D: I REALLY REALLY want it….just like I want the Black Powder War and The Harlequin.

When I Sleep

I found out something disturbing about myself this morning. My mom called me to her room to talk to me. She asked if I knew that I make noises in my sleep. I said no. She told me I sound like I am crying and if I knew why or what was I dreaming about. To tell the truth, I can’t remember my dreams most of the time, and if I do they are not nightmares or anything. I didn’t know I do that….She told me the boys also know I do it. How come no one ever told me before?


I been wanting to see that movie since I saw the preview last year. I got to say, I loved it no matter what. I have a thing for violence and destruction lately >:D so its all good. One thing that I couldn’t get over was that they didn’t add Hot Rod in there =o Maybe Bumblebee(sp?) was supposed to be him…? >_< But Hot Rod was in most of the Transformers! And they could have at least made Bumblebee like The Fast and the Furious FAST!

Haven’t been around much. My internet was dead for a couple of days, then I went with my dad to see his family in Paso Robles…which is still in California. Man, they really feed you there….we had…linner….because it wasn’t lunch and it wasn’t dinner…..well…after that we ended up going to another house of a different uncle which is about 30 minutes away. And right away they were asking me “Are you hungry? Do you still want to eat?” I was thinking, “NO! We just ate like 30 minutes ago!” ^_^ On the bright side, I got to watch 2 Pokemon movies and a marathon of Naruto XD I’m in a Pokemon mood. I want Diamond and/or Pearl D:

I also watch a marathon of Naruto yesterday….it was the second series, I guess that’s what you would call it? It was the Naruto Shippuuden one.  I actually like that one. After Sasuke left in the other…I didn’t feel like watching the rest much…-_- and the prologue or sumtin for Naruto Shippuden? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SHOW A LITTLE SOMETHING SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT WAS TO COME LATER ON?!?!?!? AND WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL *bleep*!??!?!?


You know, my uncle is smart. He skipped grades and had people willing to study him when he was younger. He makes me think sometimes, and makes me laugh alot more than I am used to.

But he is an alcoholic, and that is what makes him stupid.

I got a call at 2:30 in the morning from my brother on my Uncle’s phone cus he forgot his at home. My brother called to ask me to ask my mom to pick him up in the next town over because me uncle got arrested. My mom was pissed off. He has a job that pays good money, and asked my mom for money because he wanted to buy his kids fireworks. Yeah, no. Never happened. My mom didn’t bail him because first of all, we don’t have that kind of money and second of all, it was his fault his stupid ass got caught. Its the 4th of July for crying out loud. Cops will be looking for drunks.

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