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Sketch 2/20/11

Had time to kill before the baby woke up. Now he’s awake and I’m done.

NOTE TO SELF: Start working on faces again :/ yikes.


Sketch 2/17/11

Hmm, so this is a sketch I was working on last night until midnight. About 3 hours on Sketchbook Pro. Not liking the face, but just a rough draft atm. Hopefully, I’ll stick to the outline and coloring versions. Was my Gaia avi on the 15 because the new February MCs came out and I wanted the AFK Scarf item >.> haha.

DX Argh!

The scale might as well have added 400 lbs along with a “fatass” tag. OMG! Have to go to the doctor’s in a few days. Even worse. =-= Baby watching… is… not… cool.

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I don’t think…

…I have much faith in people sticking with me. I’m fine with the people not close-close to me, but the ones I want to keep? I might smile and say its okay, but I feel left behind and just… unwanted. And I often wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” “What is it about me?” Until I start thinking, “I don’t deserve anyone… at all.”

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Something That Further Annoys Me

In this day and age, beautiful has this high standard. Its so bad, that girls (and guys) feel VERY insecure. So…today I was looking through the top blogs on a social site I go to. I go there from my phone because that’s basically the only thing that is fast enough for me without annoying me so much. Facebook is bleh. Thats why I miss Moba. Relieved me when I was bored and was mobile friendly. ANYWAY,  so the top blog has an opinion. Who they thought were beautiful by their pictures. I don’t mind that.

But adding in that you didn’t think the rest were pretty cus you didn’t think so or cus you haven’t seen their pic? And its obvious there were A LOT more girls with their pics up. Hmmmmm…..

Yes, and nice touch by adding in their all beautful in the inside. >____> /end sarcasm

<___< I’m getting flashbacks of grade school.


I think I should stop talking about myself completely besides two people u_u Everyone else just doesn’t understand and they don’t respond back when I need them.

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Heartsick… Have so much weight on me, its killing me.

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I want to shut myself off. Don’t know why I keep saying unnecessary things. It just shows how pathetic I am.

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Starting off as a good day. I hope it ends good too.

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Gundam 00: The Movie

o3o Whoo hoo, finally have this on my PSP. >_> It wouldn’t play High School of the Dead, so I was a little iffy about it. I missed my PSP u.u But really just haven’t felt like playing or had the time. Its either PSP or drawing when I’m free.

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