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Sketch 07/07/11

Blah. Boredom. Sketched it and decided to paint the sketch (without CG outlining cus I’m lazy like that.) Playing with techniques in SAI. Sadly, the colors were not originally these. Messed with the settings (hue, saturation, etc) and liked the change.




New month, huh? Well, I’ve been busier and more tired. Might start going back to school by the end of this month or next month. While its not for my dream job, at least I’d have something to back me up for a job with my already lack of job experience. I was talking to a friend that I’d go back to school later for art or learn myself. Its endless anyway. My passion for art. I want to do everything. Never content to just one form. Lmao.

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Sketch 2/20/11

Had time to kill before the baby woke up. Now he’s awake and I’m done.

NOTE TO SELF: Start working on faces again :/ yikes.

Sketch 2/17/11

Hmm, so this is a sketch I was working on last night until midnight. About 3 hours on Sketchbook Pro. Not liking the face, but just a rough draft atm. Hopefully, I’ll stick to the outline and coloring versions. Was my Gaia avi on the 15 because the new February MCs came out and I wanted the AFK Scarf item >.> haha.

Lucky Me ♥

Yay me! Drew something and actually managed to be happy enough with the sketch that I finished it. I’m also coloring it. Whoo hoo. You don’t know how amazing that is for me…. Or maybe, yeh, you do since I keep complaining. LOLz. :D All by tablet/comp. I ♥ my tablet. I got it like 4+ years ago. Asked my mother for it as an Xmas present and I still have it around! Working! Kit, my bestie, has one, but :/ I dun like it. Bigger and flatter doesn’t always mean better. I want a Wacom bamboo tablet next :< Touch + Pen. Or even a bluetooth pen. *dreamy sigh*

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2011 New Years Resolution

Hum, this day feels the same as every other Saturday. But now that we’re at this point…

Pick up art again

I’ve been seriously lagging in this area. Disappointed that I haven’t really improved. And I should have in the last few years. By hand and by computer. I just get myself to feel the passion. I love art. I just can’t myself to do it. Why is that? I don’t know. I should actually organize and give myself an actual schedule. Make myself do it. Why is it that I drew when at school or busy? On tests and homework? But not when I have free time?


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on dA. I was just checking the fb update and wondering what it meant. Forgot about it (lol) cus I noticed this deviation. Very smexy.

Haven’t drawn lately… No great inspiration and not happy with what comes out. I need to go back to school not because I’d learn more, but it seems when I’m busy and not worried about home, I’m able to draw. More free time to myself and not about others.

dA and their Minor Policies…

KIRIHITO wrote in a comment about one of his Riku pics:
“In case you’re ready to complain about the filter, Riku isn’t wearing a shirt, and last I checked it should be mature tagged because of that.
Riku’s a minor. It’s happened once. Not too fond of having it happen again.”

I was curious about that. I mean, Riku is NOT a real person, nor is he based on a real person, much less a minor. So I started looking up the terms of devianART because I didn’t think anime-based drawings apply as ‘child porn.’ Most of my characters are in the 16-20ish range and never once thought it was shota. (Shota, to me, would seem more like younger boys -like 13 and down- who don’t know much about the “big” world.)

So, we come to the dA Minor Policy:
“1. Minors depicted without clothing, front view, back view, or side view, with genitalia and/or breasts visible or not.

2. Minors depicted in under garments or lingerie.

3. Minors depicted in an S&M or ‘Bondage’ situation.

4. Minors depicted in a sexual or ‘alluring’ pose (dressed or undressed).

5. Minors in the possession of ‘adult’ sexual toys.

6. No use of: transparent clothes, blurring of nude areas, or the use of “blots” or “Censored” wording or props to cover areas that are otherwise not clothed.

7. Gender that is questionable on an image with an exposed chest will be removed from the gallery at the discretion of the reviewing administrator

8. No Child Nudity: Images of children or characters resembling children (including teens, pre adolescent, child like fairies and other imaginary figures) resembling, or stongly resembling, under 18 years of age displayed in erotic, seductive, provocative poses or context.

9. No depictions of fictional young humanoid characters/children giving the appearance of being under the age of 18 displayed in erotic, seductive, provocative poses or context.

10. Since age is difficult to identify with 3D modeled images and certain art styles (such as Anime), this will be at the discretion of the reviewing administrator.”

I can understand 2, 3, 4, 5, 8(RL only) but some of the others are questionable to me. When I was younger, more ‘ignorant’ I used to show off my art to forums with characters at 16 and 17 half naked and maybe with a “sexy” pose (it wasn’t like ‘takemenow’ or anything), but nobody was offended, said “OMG!1!!! EWIE!!!!1!!2!3!! Sh0tA!! *backs away slowly den runs*” =|

Is it just deviantART that so strict or is the rest of the world like that?


You know, I feel that the y-gallery is friendlier than deviantART but some of the shit people so when their an adult and KNOW what would happen…yeah…pisses me off.

On the other hand, teenagers who are NOT 18 and are on an adult site..yeah, you’re stupid and ARE gonna get caught sooner or later. Don’t do the fuckin things! What kind of dumbasses are you?


I am honored that “Do You Dream of Me?” was sketch of the week in Sketch Book Club. I always wanted to complete that picture to a final….I mean, it’s somewhat outlined on this computer, but I haven’t completed it’s final coloring.

Anyways, I ended up getting a physical today o////O;; I hate them. Then I had to get 2 shots on my left arm, a prick on my finger, and a blood test, which was for cholestrol(sp?) and glucose levels.

I also have seen Click, Superman, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest last week. Click was funny as hell. XD I <3 PotC, but the end made me mad…just like the Matrix. Superman was…eh…okay….not as great as people made it seem. =)

And ZOMG! If you have time, watch this: FFVII: Advent Children Parody

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