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Sketch 07/07/11

Blah. Boredom. Sketched it and decided to paint the sketch (without CG outlining cus I’m lazy like that.) Playing with techniques in SAI. Sadly, the colors were not originally these. Messed with the settings (hue, saturation, etc) and liked the change.



Gundam 00: The Movie

o3o Whoo hoo, finally have this on my PSP. >_> It wouldn’t play High School of the Dead, so I was a little iffy about it. I missed my PSP u.u But really just haven’t felt like playing or had the time. Its either PSP or drawing when I’m free.

Return to Naruto Shippuuden

Hm, so my bf got me back into Naruto. Of course, I didn’t read the manga or see the anime. I’ve been reading summaries since I was toooooo far back and he’s been telling me about the war that is to come. Well, its been interesting to read. Its almost like the author thought long ahead when you’re reading about what was really going on in the whole plot. And you’re left like, “WHAT?!” Eh, the only problem I have is that some of the characters I get confused on. Too many to remember ~_~ So, as I’m reading about Pain’s many forms e_e Well, yeh, that’s where I’m totally lost >_> So basically I went thinking of them as Pain 1 and Pain 2 and Pain 3. LOLz.


Protected: Layout and Anime

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Devil May Cry

w00t! Yeah! I am so excited DMC has an anime coming out. Right when I found out there was one, I went to go look if I can download subbed episodes. Let’s face it, folks, dubbed just sucks 9/10 times, and anyways, I am too excited to wait. There seems to be only 3 episodes out so far, 2 of them are subbed and the 3rd one is being translated by a few groups. Looks very violent, but I don’t really care about that. I live for violent anime, kukukuku. XD

It came out recently, looks like it little in the middle of June…not even a month ago. Damn. I hope it won’t take long for them to all come out.

I am also waiting for the 4th game. I read its gonna be on 3 platforms: PS3, XBox360, and PC. Considering I only have a PC, I am freakin glad. I also heard that Capcom seems to have lost some of its rights of DMC…which is why its on 3 platforms this time. *shrugs*

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