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Busy busy busy.

Back to school! Back to school! Yeh, that’s why I haven’t been on my phone so much or socializing. People miss me :o I’m so amazed. I decided to stop socializing because people were killing me as distractions and further upsetting my when I was already stressed with school. I’m such a perfectionist going to a B is a fail. Isssues. My sweetie’s bday came and went. Glad he had a good bday. He seriously needed it. :) And he sent me a picture ^-^ I love zeh beach. I actually had to go out of town for my cousin’s baby shower so all I saw were mountains….and snow. Actually, Friday, it was hailing here, which is amazing. In the central valley of California we only see rain and fog. People here don’t know how to handle ice and snow >_>




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Okay, soooo…

…my first week back in school >> College, not high school. I is no HS drop out << Psh. LOLz. Anyway, this is something totally different that people didn't expect it from me since I'm so squeamish when it comes to doctors, blood, wounds, needles, and such. Pharmacy Tech. And while I'm slightly overwhelmed by how much I have to learn, its not all that hard right now. Even my bf thought it would HARD. We do have to know like some 200 most-used drugs by brand, generic, and their use, but I believe that all the practice I'm getting is really sticking. Thank gawd.


Guess who’s going back to school? That’s right. The neighbor. jkjk. MMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!! And I’m glad to. Its sucks like hell to be stuck around the house being the babysitter/maid and without a job. Hopefully this will help me and not screw me over. Was supposed to start in April, but since I was first alternative and someone didn’t go to the orientation, so I got the call to come in Monday. Whoo hoo!

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UC Santa Barbara and Harry Potter

I went with my best friend, Star, and her aunt to Santa Barbara yesterday. Took about 4 hours to get there when it was actually supposed to take like 3…we kind of didn’t know where everything was. You see, this was where Star was moving to go to Uni for a couple of years. She was already done getting her Associates here, so she was transferring. Hopefully, I could get time in the next couple of years to visit her….or not time, just….have the guts to do it. Big cities makes me nervous, but SB wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be considering it was nearing Los Angeles. I’ve lived and been in the bad parts of L.A. and SB wasn’t bad.

Anyway, I was just accompanying Star because she had to go sign some papers for her apartment. She has a  small room with 3 other roomates, pays 600 a month, has a gym, has a pool area, and gets free internet access. Well, shit, I am so effing jealous.

After we were done with that, we just walked around the town near the university and the school campus itself. I gotta say, its very, very nice. I may want to go there simply because it has nice weather. I am tired of central valley weather….its so…hot.

I’ve been thinking….for a while, if I should move out of my house…from my siblings and parents. Star’s mom was strongly suggesting I move in with her or visit her a lot since Star will be gone for a while…a long one. I…don’t know what I am gonna do. I have no job. I am going to college. I don’t know how to drive…yet. I effing suck like hell. *sigh* You see, its not that I don’t want to…its just that I think I should. My parents are adopting another child in a few months, which would increase my number of siblings to 5 – 4 brothers and 1 sister. It’s a 3 room, 2 bathroom house we live in….how in the hell we all manage, I don’t really know, but it would be 8 people in the house….9 if my uncle hadn’t gotten arrested. I am confused about what I should do with myself.

Mm…saw the 5th Harry Potter movie today with my brother. It was good. I mean, I wasn’t as disappointed at this movie as I was at Eragon and the 4th HP movie. I even cried again on that one part with Sirius just like in the book. AND they did follow the book, I am glad. I am not gonna get the 7th book tho. Hey, if I am struggling to pay for college and my bank account, how can I buy anything else for myself. Going to the movies was because I am tired of doing nothing at my house. I also got invited by Star to go with her and Z, my other friend to go to Borders for the Yule Ball and cosplay. Yeah…no. First, I don’t cosplay, although I wish I could; Second, I just don’t have anything to wear to it; and third, I think I would just be sad seeing everyone else there for the book D: I REALLY REALLY want it….just like I want the Black Powder War and The Harlequin.


Yeah, so mom and Steve, my brother left to Mexico today and they won’t be coming back for at least 2 weeks. I will miss my mommy! *cries* T_T I never been away from her much, so is this how college will feel like when I go away? Minus watching the kids and cooking for 5 people…

I didn’t say bye to her and that I love her and that I hope God watches over her. I was out with my best friend, Ash, to pay for 6 books that costed $300+ X__X What a heart sore, I know. T__T There goes my money for anime and manga. Cus I actually SAW yaoi at Borders (it was never there before) *drools* I wanted Yellow 1 but it was not there, and I’m still waiting for Loveless 3.

I ate Chocolate Pocky after that at meh friend’s house. Played Soul Calibur 2 (she’s a cheat . . . whahahaha!!!) So, I just barely got home and it’s back to life. T_T Bills to pay, colleges to look at after 2 years here, and . . .

Art Portfolios. I need to start doing mine NOW and being serious with my art. Meaning, I need to put more time and effort. Kusokusokusokuso. Shitshitshitshit.


Hn, my mom got tired of her old job. So, she took a medical leave…like I said. I found out about a week ago that…she’s going back to school…for cosmetology, which she had a license for in Texas, but not California. I happy for her…really, but that would conflict with me, since I’m a full time student at college. What the heck, right? Naw. I think I should quickly find a job, learn to drive, and move out. It’s not that I don’t want to be there, but I don’t want to be a burden. *sigh*

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