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Sketch 07/07/11

Blah. Boredom. Sketched it and decided to paint the sketch (without CG outlining cus I’m lazy like that.) Playing with techniques in SAI. Sadly, the colors were not originally these. Messed with the settings (hue, saturation, etc) and liked the change.



Sketch 2/20/11

Had time to kill before the baby woke up. Now he’s awake and I’m done.

NOTE TO SELF: Start working on faces again :/ yikes.

Sketch 2/17/11

Hmm, so this is a sketch I was working on last night until midnight. About 3 hours on Sketchbook Pro. Not liking the face, but just a rough draft atm. Hopefully, I’ll stick to the outline and coloring versions. Was my Gaia avi on the 15 because the new February MCs came out and I wanted the AFK Scarf item >.> haha.

Lucky Me ♥

Yay me! Drew something and actually managed to be happy enough with the sketch that I finished it. I’m also coloring it. Whoo hoo. You don’t know how amazing that is for me…. Or maybe, yeh, you do since I keep complaining. LOLz. :D All by tablet/comp. I ♥ my tablet. I got it like 4+ years ago. Asked my mother for it as an Xmas present and I still have it around! Working! Kit, my bestie, has one, but :/ I dun like it. Bigger and flatter doesn’t always mean better. I want a Wacom bamboo tablet next :< Touch + Pen. Or even a bluetooth pen. *dreamy sigh*

♩♩ ♪♪ ♬ ♪♪♪ ♬

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