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That Time Again…

Gawd, so freaking restless. I don’t want to do anything, but then I do. Don’t know what and what I can, I don’t want to. Don’t want to draw or write or read or play games. Don’t know what it is… Even listening to music is just not cutting it.

So, I passed both my classes. 99% on one and 100% on the other. Finals weren’t difficult either. It was harder just waiting, to be honest. These next set of classes… while I am looking forward to them, they’re making me anxious again. So easy to get that way for me.

As for my other half, well… I’m just lonely. You know, all my life, I’ve been looking for that person to share everything with… Its hard to know you found it…and yet be afraid. So many things to fear… To be so unsure. BUT right now I’m just having to deal with being alone with myself since his phone is messed up. On the computer, being more…social, I guess. Gets boring fast, though. Most people don’t hold much interest for me anymore.

For the past couple of weeks, my bestie has been at my house. Its cool to have her around that long and all. A slight load off me especially this past week, and maybe off her, since her home situation seems 100x’s worse than mine. I am not even kidding.


Busy busy busy.

Back to school! Back to school! Yeh, that’s why I haven’t been on my phone so much or socializing. People miss me :o I’m so amazed. I decided to stop socializing because people were killing me as distractions and further upsetting my when I was already stressed with school. I’m such a perfectionist going to a B is a fail. Isssues. My sweetie’s bday came and went. Glad he had a good bday. He seriously needed it. :) And he sent me a picture ^-^ I love zeh beach. I actually had to go out of town for my cousin’s baby shower so all I saw were mountains….and snow. Actually, Friday, it was hailing here, which is amazing. In the central valley of California we only see rain and fog. People here don’t know how to handle ice and snow >_>




♩♩ ♪♪ ♬ ♪♪♪ ♬

Okay, soooo…

…my first week back in school >> College, not high school. I is no HS drop out << Psh. LOLz. Anyway, this is something totally different that people didn't expect it from me since I'm so squeamish when it comes to doctors, blood, wounds, needles, and such. Pharmacy Tech. And while I'm slightly overwhelmed by how much I have to learn, its not all that hard right now. Even my bf thought it would HARD. We do have to know like some 200 most-used drugs by brand, generic, and their use, but I believe that all the practice I'm getting is really sticking. Thank gawd.

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Lo and Behold

Hey. I have returned. Ah, not for the good-good, but for a bit. So I finished up school Thursday and not returning until about the middle of August, I believe. The grade went like this:

English 1: A
Color and Design: B
Digital Imaging for Artists: A

The Color and Design was a B because I missed more classes than I was supposed to *sweatdrop* so it started lowering my grade down….aheheheheheheh… >_>;;

My Granddaughter-kitty gave birth to 5 kittens, 4 of which were gray and the last one was black. I don’t know which ones cames first or last because we hadn’t known she’d given birth. >_>;; We looked for her in the afternoon (Kaoru, who had a twin named Hikaru [yes, from Ouran Koukou HC] that was killed in an accident) and couldn’t find her. When she came out, she was thinner and figured she FINALLY gave birth. The problem was we didn’t know where the hell she had them. So we followed her for a while, and apparently she had them in my parent’s closet, way in the back of it (because its kind of a walk in closet). ~_~;; She didn’t like that we moved her and them….she kept trying to take them back, which is kind of funny….because my daughter-cat (Cali) didn’t mind not being in privacy ^^;; She….LURVES mejj =D

*slumps to death*

I’m sick of everything right now. Ok, not sick per se. Tired. ._. One of these days I’ll fall on my face, roll down a hill, and drown when I sleep in a puddle. *rubs eyes* And if I try to fall asleep, I know I’ll have to get up for something or another. The reason I went to the fair yesterday because I knew I would not be going out this weekend, and today, we’ll have to clean for this weekend. FINALLY, I think, my grandfather is coming to our house from El Salvador. I haven’t seen him in a few years, but I think he was kind of sad since my grandmother passed away earlier this year. *sigh*


Ok, literally, I am probably very sick. Meaning, I’m bleeding internally. I am breaking out again on my arms. All this might be related to stress since I started school. I dunno. I have an appointment Friday to check what’s wrong with me, and if I might have . . . ulcers.

My dad is gone. He’s gone to El Salvador for a week, and will come back with my grandfather. What’s that mean? A house make over. >_< Nu!

So, yeah, started school last Monday. It is hell because I get up SOOOOOO early. No, i don't live in a dorm. I have about 2 years left until I move out and away to pursue a career in art. =)

I lost a friend recently. Made me pissed and sad, but I found out how much closer I was to Shane than Hunter. Shane . . . ha ha, my Drag-Queen Gaian girlfriend. He's really cool.

I wanna talk to Lizer and Snowe. D: Dammit…I hate you school. lol.


Ok, school is so pissing me off. So is the whole world. I WANT SLEEP, BUT I CAN’T GET US CUS I HAVE SOOOOOOOO MUCH HW!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I recently saw “Ah! My Goddess.” I think it was the movie, but I couldn’t be sure. But it was so…..romantic-ish. I was crying at the end. LOL.

AND I’M MAD AT PPL WHO HAVE X! The album and movie and series!!!!!!! I HATE YOU PPL! I’m one of Kamui’s greatest fans and I have nuttin of him.

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